About us

What is Snappy Commerce?

We are an Argentine startup with international reach. Our mission is to promote the e-commerce of small and large companies through the integration with Assistants with Artificial Intelligence (AI). We automate customer service to empower the human operator. Our Conversational Commerce Platform includes Intelligent Assistants, with the best performance, the most personalized experience and the greatest integration.

We want our partners to fully exploit their possibilities and to be able to grow on a large scale. Optimizing work and service areas will be your key objective, customer service is handled by Snappy's AI Assistants.

Our team works very hard on the analysis of frequently asked questions from customers to enrich the natural language processing of our Virtual Assistants and make it smarter every day. The commitment and passion for what we do allows us to generate bonds of great trust with those who choose us.

Our Mission/Vision

Our mission is to revolutionize the way shoppers buy from brands. Our vision is to become the #1 AI conversational commerce platform, and empower every little one.

eCommerce is becoming stronger, and in the future it will be the main means of purchase for customers. The service channels must be stronger and more complete, which is why our vision is to be the #1 Conversational Commerce Platform by 2024

Our values

Value 1: Customer Delight

Exceeding customer expectations is our priority. We are committed to guarantee you the best service and to seriously increase your sales with a strong service vocation.

Value 2: Passion

We put passion and love into our work. We give our best, we leave a piece of ourselves in everything we do and we constantly strive to be excellent professionals.

Value 3: Hard Team Work

We promote a culture of fun team dynamics and experiences to enhance internal communication, trust and motivation. We put common interests first in a collaborative environment.

Value 4: Innovation

We like to be curious, think differently, be creative and experiment. We don't follow trends; we initiate them. We seek to differentiate ourselves and offer our clients the best service that responds to the latest trends.